We are a unique tax-focused law firm

With credibility, reliability (knowing what we are doing and doing it well from the outset), response capacity and real accessibility (always being available), a direct and warm relationship, a language that the client can understand (speaking their own language if necessary and learning it if we don’t know it!) and security (consistent high quality, without “peaks and valleys”).


Technical quality and expertise

We have lawyers of unquestionable talent, trained in the best universities and able to advise in several languages. Moreover, we have no doubt that hyper-specialization is essential to provide rigor in such a complex matter. Therefore, the only thing we do, we do brilliantly well.


Talent and experience

We have more than 10 years of experience in large law firms (Cuatrecasas, Baker McKenzie, PwC), which has allowed us to participate in the most relevant litigation and tax proceedings of the national scene. We now bring all this experience to our clients.


Cost Efficiency

Having a lean structure with no inefficient overhead costs, allows us to provide a very high quality service, quickly and efficiently, all at prices that are logical, predictable and flexible for our clients. We are not the cheapest, but we are the best at what we do.


Modern structure

Our dematerialized and decentralized structure allows us to work where and when our clients need us. We are a local team with global reach.



As a result of our professional excellence, some of our lawyers are highlighted among the best lawyers in the Spanish market in Tax Law.

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Our Name, Our Story

On a warm afternoon in the 13th century, in the historic city of Palma de Mallorca, a man was born who would change the course of knowledge and wisdom: Ramon Llull, also known as Raimundus Lullius. This visionary thinker, whose life was marked by an unrelenting pursuit of knowledge and a passion for philosophy, theology, and mathematics, became an emblematic figure of his time, with teachings that resonate to this day.
Llull, a pioneer in the art of logic and reasoning, dedicated his life to building bridges between different cultures and religions. Renowned for his ability to simplify complex concepts and his desire to foster understanding and peace, Ramon Llull left a legacy that transcends generations. This quest for clarity and comprehension is one of the pillars that define Lullius Partners.
Inspired by this legacy of excellence and relentless pursuit of truth, Lullius Partners was born, a firm that carries the mark of that illustrious Mallorcan sage in its name. Llull was also an indefatigable innovator, always at the forefront of knowledge and technology of his time. His creation of the "Ars Magna" was a bold attempt to unify all human knowledge into a single comprehensible structure, merging logic with spirituality. At Lullius Partners, we honor this spirit of innovation by staying at the cutting edge of legal and fiscal developments.
Furthermore, ethics and integrity were central values in Llull's work. His life was dedicated not only to knowledge but also to the promotion of justice and peace. These values are fundamental to our firm. We act with the utmost integrity and transparency, ensuring that every decision and recommendation aligns with the highest ethical standards.
Another crucial aspect of Llull's legacy was his ability to see beyond borders and cultural differences, promoting understanding and collaboration among diverse groups. In an increasingly globalized world, Lullius Partners follows this philosophy by offering advice that transcends borders, helping individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of international taxation in a global context.
Thus, every client who trusts Lullius Partners finds in us a reflection of Ramon Llull's legacy: an unrelenting quest for excellence, a passion for innovation, and an unwavering commitment to ethics and justice. We transform complexity into clarity, uncertainty into confidence, and guide our clients with the same visionary and humanistic spirit that characterized Llull.